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(1% discount for 4 or more homes)

Management Program: SELF-LANDLORD PLAN SILVER PLAN 8% Per Month GOLD PLAN 9% Per Month PLATINUM PLAN 10% Per Month
Leasing Commission-New Tenant 1 Month's Rent 50% of One Month’s Rent 50% of One Month’s Rent 40% of One Month’s Rent
Single Owner “Point of Contact”i
FaceBook/Online Marketing
Online Syndicationi
Online Tenant
Application & Screeningi
Online Rent Collectioni
Monthly Email Statementi
Year End Statement
ACH Owner Payments
“Second Nature” HVAC Filter Deliveryi
Eviction Guarantee-Ask us!i
Cloud Based Condition Reports
“Lease Break” Guarantee
Between Tenancy Cleanings
Utility Management during Vacancy/Turnover (optional) ASK US!
Routine Repairs w/Home Warranty ASK US!
Oversight of Insurance Claims ASK US!
Additional Inspections (optional) ASK US! ASK US!
HOA Fee Management (optional) ASK US! ASK US!
Multiple Bids for Larger repairs ASK US! ASK US!
Portable AC Unit rental ASK US! ASK US!
Annual Tax Prep Fee ASK US! ASK US!
Professional Photos ASK US! ASK US!
Vendor Management fee ASK US! ASK US!
Concierge Servicesi ASK US! ASK US! ASK US!
Oversight on Home Improvement Projects ASK US! ASK US! ASK US!
Third Party Professional Inspection ASK US! ASK US! ASK US!